Please take a moment to read the answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions below:

SIZE QUESTIONS: Check the "DESCRIPTION" on each item on our website...most of them have the actual item LENGTH and WIDTH. Quick Tip...grab a measuring tape and compare those measurements with your favorite item in your closet!

E-MAIL UPDATES: Order updates will be sent to the e-mail you provided in the Shopping Cart. If you don’t know which e-mail that is, please log in to our website, you can check that info, make any changes necessary, and see all order updates there.

ORDER RECEIPT: You will receive a receipt at the e-mail you provided within a few minutes of placing your order. If you do not receive an e-mail, simply log in to our website and check the e-mail address that you provided in the Shopping Cart.

ORDER PROCESSING: You will receive an e-mail from us that says “PROCESSED”. This means we have printed a paper copy of your order and we are gathering the items needed to ship it. Most orders ship within 2 business days; however, ***Dickies Items, Sweatshirts, Sweatpants, Shorts, Hoodies, Blankets, Backpacks, Duffle Bags, etc.*** are not typically kept in stock, so (as shown on the website), please allow 2-3 weeks for your entire order to ship in one shipment.

ORDER SHIPPED: You will receive an e-mail from us that says “SHIPPED” on the day we print your shipping label. Typically we print labels at the very end of our work day, and the package leaves us the following day. PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL, you will receive a 2nd e-mail from either www.Stamps.com ***OR*** www.UPS.com, depending on the Shipping Option you chose in the Shopping Cart. The 2nd e-mail will include the TRACKING NUMBER and will be sent to you on the same day the order leaves us.

USPS PRIORITY MAIL SHIPPING INFO: If you chose USPS Priority Mail, shipping time from us to you takes approximately 2-3 business days (please allow a few extra days during any holidays). PLEASE CHECK YOUR EMAIL and look for an e-mail from www.Stamps.com on the day your order leaves us…it will include the TRACKING NUMBER. ***We highly recommend you track your order daily***, that way if any problems develop (for example: it is not unusual for packages to get hung up in the Houston Processing Facility), you can call your local Post Office that delivers to you and ask them to track it…once your package leaves us, they will be able to provide you with more info than we can.

UPS SHIPPING INFO: If you selected UPS Ground, shipping time will vary. UPS costs more, but it’s tracking service is much more reliable. PLEASE CHECK YOUR E-MAIL and look for an e-mail from www.UPS.com on the day your order ships…it will include the TRACKING NUMBER.

Thank you! -Trae & Kris
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